About e-Hospital@NIC

An HL7 Development Framework (HDF) compliant and ISO/IEC 9126 certified end-to-end solution for managing processes and services in hospitals including providing tele-medicine services.

  •  e-Hospital@NIC is a generic application, which addresses all the major functional areas of a hospital. 
  •  A workflow based Application Software for hospital……..deals complete treatment cycle of OPD/IPD patients and integrates various functions in the areas of —clinical, administrative, and billing/ insurance.
  •  An Integrated HMIS Suite consisting of HIS, LIS, RIS, PACS, Blood Bank and Telemedicine Suite

Functional Features
  •  Patient Registration
  •  Emergency Registration
  •  Clinics
  •  Billing and Accounts
  •  Path Lab (LIS)
  •  Radiology /Imaging (RIS)
  •  PACS Interface
  •  Blood Bank Management
  •  IPD(ADT)
  •  OT Management
  •  Pharmacy Management
  •  Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
  •  Birth & Death Registration
  •  Care Provision
  •  Stores & Inventory
  •  Dietary Services
  •  Laundry Services
  •  Personnel Management
  •  Telemedicine Suite
Clinical Quality of e-Hospital@NIC
Clinical quality starts with Health infrastructure to deliver quality services towards the patient.  e-Hospital@NIC has provided APIs with Diagnostic equipments for safe and effective patient care by hospitals-

  Barcode implementation in patient card, order slip & specimen tube has reduced errors and search time.

  PACS integration with e-Hospital@NIC is helping radiologists in making accurate observations by studying both clinical data from e-Hospital@NIC and imaging data from PACS-diagnostic devices.

  Automation of Laboratories has helped in reducing backlog of reports and sharing by SMS, patient portal.

  Integration of Analyzers has increased the accuracy of laboratory observation data.

  Pharmacy automation has reduced errors in medication and decreased the medicine dispense time.

  e-Hospital@NIC is a comprehensive HMIS available over NIC SDP covers all the activities of a small to big size public hospitals.

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